Review of the week: Brody Dalle, “Diploid love,” Caroline International, Released April, 28, 2014

5 years have passed since Brody Dalle’s last album, which was released under the name, Spinnerette. It has even been longer to harken back to the days of Dalle fronting the “Distillers” and virtually everybody hailing her as the next great Female punk singer. So, it was a nice surprise to see Dalle release her solo album, “Diploid Love” earlier this Spring.

For a solo debut, there is a lot to like. In particular, Dalle’s smoky, raspy vocals are just as good as ever. The lyrics are more intimate and evolved and there are some good, punky, riffs to go with a driving rhythm section. Different musical elements are present, ranging from punk, Alternative,West Coast hardcore and new wave without sounding like new wave. There is even a ballad that has a piano! not the norm for a punk/alternative album.

In short, “Diploid Love” has an edge to it, but with a more grown-up and sophisticated sound to it. There could be a little more edge to it and some of the songs drone on a bit. But there is a refreshing sound and a solid effort from Dalle, it is nice to see her back on the scene.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Standout tracks: “Blood In Gutters” “Rat Race” “Carry On”


Upcoming Shows

Hello, after a holiday hiatus For The Record is back for the long haul. I am proud to announce that Fistful of Pistol is playing at the Inferno nightclub on 1/10/2014. Sharing the bill is the Faith Hills have eyes and Husk. The show starts at 9:00 P.M. If you like loud in your face rock n roll then you better be there! or be square!

Feature Blog Post

5 Christmas Songs That Rock

5.) Enuff Z’Nuff – Happy Holiday

 A festive  number from this great Chicago band. This song was actually written for the movie Home Alone 2 but for some reason didn’t make it into the soundtrack, but It should have.

4. ) The Darkness – This Is Christmas Time

This song makes me wish it was Christmas every day! with some great lyrics like “ sugar plum fairies will dance on your grave” It does not get any more rock n roll then that.

 3.) Joan Jett – Little Drummer Boy

Being a drummer myself I have always had a soft spot for this song, in any arrangement. The song’s message is what Christmas is all about, tis better to give than receive or It’s the thought that counts. It helps to have some guitar riffs to go along with the little drummer boy, and Joan Jett singing helps too

2.) John Lennon – Happy Christmas, War is Over

A great song by an amazing person. For me this song puts everything into perspective when I am stuck in traffic trying to get to the mall! These words are possibly the best Christmas song lyrics ever, “Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.”

1.) The Kinks – Father Christmas

My personal favorite.  You have drum rolls, classic Kinks guitar riffs and funny lyrics but with a serious message as well. “ Remember the kids who got nothing, when you’re drinking down your wine”. For me this is a must have for those who want to rock on Christmas, the jingle bells in the beginning had me from the beginning. So Merry Christmas everybody.

The Guitar Shop of Wisconsin


This guitar was given a home by local Madison performer Janna Johnson. She was a theater performer in Virginia and New York City, whom saved the life of this rather large guitar prop for a theater. She decided to give it a good home, at the Guitar Shop of Wisconsin, owned by Greg Ginter, in Madison, WI.

Giant guitar at Greg Ginter's Guitar Shop of Wisconsin

Giant guitar at Greg Ginter’s Guitar Shop of Wisconsin

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