blogPICFor the Record is a blog dedicated to music news, history and current events, alongside reviewing my personal album collection. This blog is dedicated to the rock music lovers out there, from a fellow rock entusiast, such as myself. I have been into music from an early age, figuring I used to throw my Mothers’s records across the living room like frisbees; I now have a higher respect for the vinyl I was throwing around, and it’s content. Fortunately, her albums are still playable, and she also  left me with a unique collection of rock memorabilia starting from her adolescent years, which was the birth of rock n’ roll in the 50s and 60s. Having that kind of influence in my life, I guess I inherited her love for music. We’re talking about a woman who was so crazed with the Beatles, that I still have an old reel to reel audio recording of a Beatle’s concert that was broadcast on the radio, which was feat to perform in the 60s.  I actually had Todd Bowie, a master sound engineer attempt to pull the audio off of it, he was successful, but there was audio from the opposite side flowing through. It was still exciting to finally hear what was on there. Reminiscing about this, reminds me of the first Sears bass guitar I ordered when I was 12 years. I delivered newspapers and performed odd jobs around the neighborhood to buy it. Later, I moved onto playing the drums in my later teens, and believe it or not, I took a stab at playing the tuba at my years at Madison East High School. From a young age, I started diving into music. I still collect vinyl LPs, CDs, Books, DVDs, Concert Videos and use YouTube as a means to reminisce about the music has inspired me, and to find even more great music to add to my collection. That’s the beauty about music, you can listen to it, and not even know how to play an instrument, yet it’s still inspiring. I couldn’t think about a world without music, no soundtrack. It would be quite dull. So cheers to everyone, the listeners, the talent and the message. Keep on rocking in the free world.


Robby White

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