Today in Rock History

John Lennon was shot

Dec. 8, 1980

On this day, Dec. 8th, 1980 John Lennon was senselessly and tragically taken from us . I was only 4 years old at the time and do not remember this tragic event very well. I do remember my Mother being very sad though and not knowing why. She was an avid Beatles fan and I still enjoy looking through her old Beatles fan magazines and the extensive collection of albums and memorabilia. I have learned to really appreciate the impact John Lennon had on music and his message of “Peace”. Today as I remember Lennon there is one word that comes to mind, WHY? As an adult I still cannot make sense of this, I guess you can’t.  In a bittersweet way Lennon’s music lives on and has and will impact and inspire people all over the world. His music is timeless and always will be. The world lost a great person that sad day.

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