The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Foxy Lady, Miami Pop Festival

Jimi Hendrix preforming Foxy Lady at the Miami Pop Festival

I know that this song was played to death by the JHE, even Jimi was tired of playing this song. However, this has got to be one of the most scorching versions of Foxy Lady ever done live! This video is from the Miami Pop Festival, May 18th, 1968. This is a cool video with unseen footage mixed with photos. Forty five years was worth the wait on this awesome performance. I am surprised that the crowd is not going bonkers or even moving for that matter, like they are at a picnic! I suppose 1968 Miami was very conservative and I am amazed city officials even let this festival take place. This concert has many historical footnotes. Michael Lang, who later promoted Woodstock was one of the festival organizers. This concert was also the first one that Jimi Hendrix would be headlining and on the second day, during a rain out Hendrix wrote “Rainy day, Dream Away” Also famed producer Eddie Kramer recorded this show and you can tell. The mix is excellent considering the venue was at a horse race track (Gulfstream Park) without any acoustics and with a south Florida breeze blowing. Finally, words that come to mind describing this version of Foxy Lady are dynamic and raw power. The Experience powers their way thru this number in an almost telepathic way that few other bands have been able to do. There is an unspoken musical bond that Hendrix, Drummer Mitch Mitchell and Bassist Noel Redding fuse together that takes the listener on a trip in a literal sense. So enjoy and turn it up.

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